Half of all marriages end in divorce!


There’s not just one way to divorce. The differences can be in the law, like fault or no-fault, or in the way
you and your spouse approach it, like uncontested, contested, or default. No matter how you slice it, divorce is expensive and time consuming. The most important variable is how well you and your spouse are able to put aside your anger and grief and cooperate on the important issues.


If you are expecting complications in your divorce and need a legal advice, then you should hire and attorney.

When you are going through an uncontested divorce – Divorce paralegals are your choice! This means that you and your spouse are mostly in agreement with each other. Sure, you will have disagreements here and there, but
mostly you agree that you need to get divorce.

Easy Busy Legal offer divorce services in California and Nevada when couple do not require an attorney. We provide a service that saves people time and money !

Easy Busy Legal has been providing Nevada and California divorces for 10 years and have successfully completed more cases than any other company. Many companies only provide exhaustive divorce papers with “explanations and instructions”, but we do everything for you!

Easy Busy Legal provides fully completed divorce services. We perform all the services required to complete your Nevada or California Divorce case quickly. Our services include filing, process serving if required, interfacing with the county clerk’s office and mailing you the final decree signed by the judge.


We pride ourselves on efficient service, with no hearings with 1 signature or both signatures for Nevada and California Divorce. We also provide services for a Complaint for Nevada Divorce, where the other party is unwilling to sign the papers or cannot be located.


We maintain the highest standard of competency, honesty and professionalism and normally obtain a signed Joint
Petition Nevada Divorce within a few days of filing!

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